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Among individuals randomized to receive placebo first, guessing was no better than chance through the end of the first treatment week, whereas the majority of those randomized to receive cannabis first correctly guessed their treatment assignment at all time points. Excerpt from the documentary Hidden Crimes regards - The Money Issue - how vivisection researchers approve each other's grants - wasting our taxpayer dollars on unscientific work.

Army physician Major Walter Reed and his namesake hospital. The reasons for a revival of interest in medicinal cannabis are multiple, and beyond the scope of this review, but include increasing anecdotal and clinical study reports of potential benefit, advances in understanding of the endocannabinoid signaling system upon which cannabis acts, as well as growing public acceptance that cannabis should be available as a medicine if a physician recommends it.

Some placebo-controlled trials suggest significant analgesia in neuropathic pain due to multiple sclerosis [ 22 ] and mixed neuropathy e.

Researchers Develop New Strategy for Detecting Consciousness Abby Olena Nov 21, The EEG-based method could help clinicians identify patients with severe brain injuries who are actually capable of some cognitive function, despite appearing unresponsive.

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Benzodiazepines that are sometimes prescribed for spasticity can produce sedation, psychomotor incoordination, memory lapses, and paradoxical reactions, as well as dependence and withdrawal syndromes. Scientific Reports is accepting submissions from all scientific fields.

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There is such a wide variation in the results of animal model systems that there is always some system which will "prove" a point New research indicates that irrigating agricultural land with wastewater leads to an accumulation of heavy metals in the soil, which in turn leads to heavy metals in the food supply.

For other articles - home page Recommended Organisations: Recalling how The Come-Back historical issues were turned over to the NMHM for proper preservation, Little said, "Turning over the bounded issues of The Come-Back, Service Stripe and Stripe newspapers to the National Museum of Health and Medicine just seemed to simply be the right thing to do, not only because of the renowned reputation of the NMHM, its historical significance in military medicine and capabilities in preservation and storage, but also because of the very close ties between the museum and Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Instead of vital hygiene, which aims at preservation or reconstruction of health by natural means and shuns all use of degrading, destructive chemicals, todays medical students are only taught to manipulate poisons and mutilate bodies.

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The preliminary results of a two-year study suggest that walnuts can curb age-related health problems The agency has received reports of serious health problems In contrast, a diet high in whole But new research out of the U.

Chemo brain is real: After repeated smoked or oral marijuana doses, tolerance is rapidly acquired in two to 12 days to many of its adverse effects, e.Support your ideas with research from our online library of scholarly journal, magazine and newspaper articles.

Discover credible, citable articles from academic journals, education journals, and math and engineering journals. The University of Delaware Library receives many questions about finding obituaries and other articles in newspapers, especially Delaware newspapers.

Custom policy and data research by our expert policy analysts Smiths Group was hosting a webinar on the NAFTA negotiations, and they needed a presentation deck that would match their corporate.

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You can use the Cited Reference search in the Web of Science to find primary source articles that cite a. "In a world in which thousands of children are lost and starving, the use of medical technology for this end raises other questions about the just use of shared resources.

Newspaper articles on medical research
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