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Respect is the reward of the Marine who shows competence. Loyalty to your Marines, and the principles that we as Marines hold dear.

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Teamwork is essential from the smallest unit to the entire Marine Corps. A leader must understand its members, their needs and desires, and capabilities and limitations in order to measure the kind of responsibility that will be assigned to them.

Tactical and technical competence can be learned from books and from on the job training. Assigning tasks and delegating the authority to accomplish tasks promotes mutual confidence and respect between the leader and subordinates.

Broaden your knowledge through association with members of other branches of the U. With a knowledge of yourself, and your experience and knowledge of group behavior, you can determine the best way to deal with any given situation.

They must bear in mind that they should do only what is morally and legally right. My favorite one is "once a marine always a marine" Corps, 8. Consider the effects of your decisions on all members of your unit. She will put the knowledge gained into action by synthesizing the learning in a way that, perhaps, results in the development of a unique and differentiating recipe.

Before your Marines start a task, allow them a chance to ask questions or seek advice. We have all seen leaders who are indecisive. Maintain an optimistic outlook. The sharing of hardships, dangers, and hard work strengthens a unit and reduces problems, it develops teamwork, improves morale and esprit and molds a feeling of unbounded loyalty and this is the basis for what makes men fight in combat; it is the foundation for bravery, for advancing under fire.

Provide clear, well thought directions. Keep yourself informed as to the operational effectiveness of your command. Encourage subordinates to estimate and make plans at the same time you do. Self-improvement can be achieved by reading and observing.

Keep your unit informed about current legislation and regulations affecting their pay, promotion, privileges, and other benefits.Marine Corps Leadership NonCommissioned Officers are the backbone of the Marine Corps.

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Each leader is very different from the other. Some Marines enjoy being a.

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Marine Corps leadership principles are relevant both in the Marine Corps and civilian society, especially in the corporate world. The terms troops, Marines, and. Leading Marines U.S. Marine Corps DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release, distribution is unlimited.

The indispensable condition of Marine Corps leadership is action and attitude, not words. As one Marine leader said, View Full Essay. Similar Essays. Leading Marines ; Marine.

Include Marine Corps Essay Contest in subject line of email Include word count on title page of the essay but do not include your name on title page or in the body of the essay Provide a bio and detailed contact information in a separate attachment. November 21, Marine corps jrotc history essay.

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Marine corps leadership essay
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