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During these ten years, we have seen many changes in China, some of which come and go and then return again.

China: The US has started 'the biggest trade war' in history

At the Conference, subject China tax experts will share anticipation of market outlook, insights into technical matters, and experience from practical cases. Who benefits from carbon tax increases? The date for submitting an annual report and arranging payments is up until May Periodically our our Chinese accounting firm warns us that we will be making a profit and should turn in more FaPiaos official receipts or else be taxed.

Prior to the VAT reform, businesses in China were subject to different taxes depending on their industry. Rent, for instance, can be deemed as allowance as long as you provide fapiao.

What should I do. And here we run into problems. Other deductions in China The following payments to non-residents are subject to a deduction of tax at source: For dividends, the withholding obligation begins when the dividend is declared.

My company do not accept it for example because basically people in accounting are lazy and do not want to bother feeling extra forms.

Also, seems a lot of people are confused about the Tax Deductible Allowance. Unemployment Maternity Insurance Foreigners are also now formally required to participate in it. What has been happening of late is really interesting and until I spoke with a leading China reporter who is doing a story on something similar, I did not understand China tax was happening.

I was referring to monthly allowance the company offers, and of course this is subjected to an agreement between you and the company.

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The below comment left on our blog post, On Being a China Lawyer and on Doing Business in China describes the prevalence of this practice: The administrative regulations and rules concerning taxation are formulated by the State China tax, e.

First tax case decision by Chinese Supreme Court May 30, China's first ever tax case opens the way for an increasing body of court case guidance and makes court appeals of tax cases an increasingly relevant option for taxpayer disputes.

For example, Chinese GAAP prescribes that sales revenue and cost of sales should be recognized when the risks and rewards associated with the product have been transferred to the buyer.

The move from a fee China tax a tax scheme is also meant to close loopholes often exploited by the local governments, which often overlooked the most serious offenders in favor of collecting higher fiscal revenues. Although China continues to reform its tax system, some changes may not be happening fast enough.

You're responsible for what you do, if you're unsure of anything you'll need to talk to a proper tax lawyer and all that good stuff.

In every single instance of the above but onethe company calling us has never spoken with anyone in our law firm previously, much less retained us as their China attorneys. We're not tax lawyers, this isn't official tax advice.

Or would it be possible to refund the money right away? An employer is obligated to submit a monthly report on his employees' wages and to pay the tax deducted within 7 days of the end of the previous month. Compliance Check The Environment Protection Tax was enacted concurrently with Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law, which covers resource protection, waterline management, pollution prevention and control, and ecological restoration.

The corporate tax rate in China can be lower for qualified companies in some specific, strategic industries or promoted regions explained below. Some countries have social security treaties which allow you to do things like take the money you paid into your pension in one country and take it back home.

Amelia Schwanke highlights the gaps appearing and the jurisdictions enabling them. Investors should expect further moves in environmental law enforcement, albeit in a gradual fashion as local governments balance demands for economic growth and environmental concerns.

There is no set list of what can be deducted, the amount and what you can deduct is determined by your employer. Your registering is done and your landlord has avoided paying tax.


Transfer pricing is an issue of particular note for foreign businesses in China, as they often transfer money across related parties and branches in other jurisdictions. Registration and Enquiry Unprecedented changes are taking place in the international tax arena.

Here is a composite of the recent calls we have been getting:Tax Identification Number (TIN) Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (the IRD) does not issue TIN for communication with the taxpayer.

China tax align with international practices, the IRD uses Hong Kong Identity (HKID) numbers and business registration numbers for that purposes. BEIJING — Chinese tax authorities have ordered "X-Men" star Fan Bingbing and companies she represents to pay taxes and penalties totaling $ million but would spare her from criminal.

Tax, Accounting and Audit in China (10th Edition) Published: June This edition of Tax, Accounting, and Audit in China, updated foroffers a comprehensive overview of the major taxes foreign investors are likely to encounter when establishing or operating a business in China, as well as other tax-relevant obligations.

China’s Individual Income Tax (IIT) Law stipulates that all individuals working and deriving income from within the territory of China are subject to IIT. While Chinese nationals are taxed on all income sourced both domestically and overseas, non-Chinese nationals are only taxed on income deriving.

November China: More tax measures to cope with the challenging global economic environment. November 05, In recent months, the trade issues between China. Dec 19,  · China's tax authority issued a new rule (Announcement 37) to clarify a number of issues concerning withholding tax (WHT) related to dividends and asset sale (including share transfer).

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