Athletes not overpaid

Believe it or not, I actually did a bit of research to put some meat on the bones of my argument. The salary of an athlete depends on the leagues that they are playing in, and in some cases, the individuals popularity.

The consumers are more than willing to pay for overpriced merchandise; therefore the professional athletes are entitled to the money. His on court abilities plus his talent in attracting viewer ship justifies his money. Stop Whining About It. Now is she overpaid?

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The perception that athletes are paid unreasonable amounts of money for kicking or throwing a ball is an antiquated and ignorant mentality. How many athletes would put themselves in the line of fire to protect their country for less than 40k?

It is appropriate that salary should stem from the economic value of your profession. Contracts, by their very nature, are dependent upon the strength of Athletes not overpaid individual.

Then we'll understand why, when compared to other entertainers, many of the top athletes are underpaid. The salary of athletes does not need to decrease in order for that to happen…. Works Cited Bhagat, Mihir. The same people do not pay them. The reality is, if LeBron James took a huge cut in his paycheck, no nurse or doctor or public service man would benefit.

The Cavaliers without James for an extended period of time? His comedy tour, DVD sales and merchandising brought him more money last year than most people make in a lifetime.

Most football players are often tall, heavy, and strong, and not to mention determined to make a great hit or sack while playing the game.

Athletes Are Not Overpaid. Stop Whining About It.

But is that really a reasonable amount to be paying someone? Although both physicians and athletes have careers for which there is high demand, there are many more physicians than there are super star athletes.

The game's broadcast is the most widely seen TV event every year, and about nine of the 10 most-watched other programs during the year are NFL games. The first point to consider is that their salary is based on supply and demand. The average US physician makesannually. She also occasionally submits pieces to other programs such as newsmagazine 60 Minutes.

That statement holds no water when talking about professional athletes. Consumers continue to spend money like water simile and then proceed to accuse the athletes of having huge lump sums of cash.

Can the In capitalist countries, salaries are largely a byproduct of demand for a particular service and the supply of people who can provide that service. The professional athletes are not to blame.

NBA’s most overpaid players

Their annual earnings exceed those we make in a lifetime, even when compared to highly qualified nbsp; Are professional sport stars paid too much? If a company wants to get the most visibility out of showing a product, CBS would not be the 1st option.

Such a loss would be -- and has been, as seen when James left for Miami in -- catastrophic for the franchise, on and off the court. If players are going to be making multi-million dollar contracts they at least need to be positive role models for Athletes not overpaid children in America.

Anyways, there at Alexander Knight claimed that the Redskins front office had to release 23 employees in order to make room for the big signing. Entertainment and leisure time activities has gone nbsp; Female sport stars should earn the same as their male counterparts Jeanette Kwakye: Somewhere along the way though the year-old has lost the scoring drive which served him so well at Spurs and he is now routinely booed by the Madrid faithful.

The economics of it is simple. But even among pros and the best of the best… A photo posted by Ibtihaj Muhammad ibtihajmuhammad on Aug 3, at 3: Share Excited About middot; Gaming.

Leland Faust is the author of A Capitalist's Lament: In most professional sports, they play in games for only a few months and David Beckham is one of the highest paid players in the history of soccer and.

Your salary is based on the supply of and demand for your profession.I believe that, yes, athletes are overpaid. Not only is the sole purpose of their job entertainment, but. they get millions paid to them a year.

The athletes are paid over double of what, say, doctors get paid per year. Doctors are needed, or at least highly useful for a healthy (and even happy) life. days ago. Support Dispute Clarify. No i don't think professional athletes are overpaid am going to base my opinion for soccer professionals and NBA.

Look at Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo the skills they perform in games are not something anyone could just do easily, they spent COUNTLESS hours. Mar 04,  · Whether or not athletes are overpaid is not for me to decide; this is simply to see what all of you think.

Once you have come up with your opinion on the matter, please feel free to share your. Jul 08,  · Are Athletes Overpaid Or Are You Just Jealous?

Because of that, there is a demand for these jobs. The more scarce a job is, the more value it holds. Keep in mind that not all athletes are getting these crazy contracts.

In fact more often than not, their salary would not. In Part 1 I discussed several reasons why one could argue that Professional Athletes are not overpaid and that they make a market determined rate set by us, the consumer of their product.

Professional Athletes are Not Overpaid Essay - Every day people around the world complain about professional athletes salaries. Even though the top athletes make millions of dollars every year, the majority of athletes do not make any more than the average working class citizen.

Athletes not overpaid
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