An overview of the series of youth protest of the vietnam war

Though a congressional investigative committee the previous year had warned that America could find itself slipping into in a morass that would require more and more military participation in Vietnam, Johnson began a steady escalation of the war, hoping to bring it to a quick conclusion.

These seeming paradoxes, however, have their own internal logic. Tet—the Turning Point By the end ofthere wereAmerican troops in Vietnam, and the military draft was set to call upyoung men in the coming year, an increase of 72, over Imagine you are an year-old involved in the antiwar movement, and you are about to be drafted.

To make matters worse, Diem responded by sending troops to raid pagodas. This news re-ignited resentment on many college campuses, with calls for a nationwide student strike. Images of innocent civilians being killed, maimed and tortured were displayed on the TV and in newspapers - many Americans were horrified and turned against the war.

Three of our guys had been picked up smoking marijuana. Looking back, few incidents in this cycle of more war and more protest aroused the nation as did the horrendous incident on May 4, For the first time, more people thought U.

On September 30,the first large-scale antiwar demonstration took place in America, on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. In springover 1, seminarians from across the country wrote to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara advocating recognition of conscientious objection on secular, moral grounds.

A unique situation arose in which most Americans supported the cause but opposed the leaders, methods, and culture of protest.

The Vietnam War

Support for the war eroded further. The photo, taken by journalism student John Filo, won a Pulitzer Prize that year. Allison Krause lost her life in a flash of National Guard rifle fire; three other students were shot dead that day; nine were wounded, one of whom would be paralyzed.

After all, is it not the young whose lives and health are most on the line in any military action? He was giving me an out.

In short, these three kids were had. On the other hand, Congress had never declared war and so the president was limited in what he could do in Southeast Asia.

University of Washington Press,; and documents from the student strike from the collection of Steve Ludwig, available on this website.Overview of the Vietnam War Digital History ID Vietnam was the longest war in American history and the most unpopular American war of the 20th century.

It resulted in nearly 60, American deaths and in an estimated 2 million Vietnamese deaths. Even today, many Americans still ask whether the American effort in Vietnam was a sin, a.

Vietnam War

Though the first American protests against U.S. intervention in Vietnam took place inthe antiwar movement did not begin in earnest until nearly two years later, when President Lyndon B.

Vietnam War: Student Activism

Johnson ordered massive U.S. military intervention and the sustained bombing of North Vietnam. A summary of The U.S. Antiwar Movement: – in History SparkNotes's The Vietnam War (–).

Vietnam War Protests

Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Vietnam War (–) and what it means. Protest by Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

Getty Images Even when most of the fighting in Vietnam was turned over to South Vietnamese forces and overall American involvement in Southeast Asia decreased, protests against the war continued.

Protests of 1968

The protests of comprised a worldwide escalation of social conflicts, predominantly characterized by popular rebellions against military and bureaucratic elites, who responded with an escalation of political repression.

Auckland Progressive Youth Movement - activist youth group from till mid 's. Main focus opposition to the US war against Vietnam, but also active on anti-apartheid, industrial/labour issues and Waitangi/indigenous rights.

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An overview of the series of youth protest of the vietnam war
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